Metro Manila Film Festival 2012: Thy Womb


I’m now too old for Christmas so I just dedicated half of my 25th for Brillante Mendoza’s Thy Womb. As much as I want to isolate it from Mendoza’s other works, the ever present indigestible mass in the stomach has never been so profound here. There is a cry for pity from the characters but surprisingly, they surely look like they know what they’re doing, i can’t really explain it! It’s not mindfucking, it’s more of emotionally unsettling. There is consistent pain and agony but no follow up catharsis, it haunts the viewer. It lingers. This movie is saturated with details never questionable for sensibility. It’s full of insights and truths reflecting the reality of Muslim communities. Every actor has done superb, except for Lovi Poe who barely met the borders of being convincing. Though Nora Aunor and Bembol Roco passed on the advantage of learning the dialect of Tawi-tawi, the pair did incredible. You know, just plain being Nora Aunor and Bembol Roco.

I’m  inlove with this film and I’d completely spew out every detail if I could, I’m just scared I might ruin it.  This film just makes me so proud about my country and its diversity. Pure genius. It upsets me how very few people lined up for it when I swear to God this is the only movie worth paying 210 pesos for.